Leather vs. Synthetic Saddles: Which is Right for You?

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synthetic saddleSaddle-buying can be tricky business. Though you may be excited to get a new saddle, there are lots of things to consider before settling on the right one. Do you buy new or used? Will the saddle be used to compete in multiple rodeo events?  What age is the rider?  How will the saddle fit your horse?  However, the first step in choosing is to pick a saddle material.  There’s a big difference between synthetic tack and leather tack, and each has its pros and cons.  For the skinny on the differences between leather and synthetic saddles, read on.

Guide to Choosing a Cowboy Hat

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CWZUNI-254007-2Cowboy hats aren’t just for show here in Texas.  You’re likely find a good cowboy hat on the head of a guy or gal at any time of year, most anywhere.  If you’ve never bought a cowboy hat before, there are a couple of things you should think about.  Choosing and buying a cowboy hat takes a little bit of time, but once you’ve got the right hat, it should last you for years.  Here is a quick list of the things you should know about choosing a cowboy hat.

Western Tack History: The Saddle

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history of western saddlesThe conception and evolution of the saddle was seemingly inevitable, as all horse riders know that discomfort and riding tend to go hand in hand. The development of saddle comfort and support was an essential element in creating a less painful, more pleasurable riding experience for both the rider and his equine friend. Judging from the history of saddles alone, western tack has come a long way.

The Horse Owner’s Pasture, Barn, and Horse Spring Care Checklist

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appaloosa horse in spring pastureApril is here, and for many, spring has already sprung!  (The first day of spring was actually Thursday, March 20th, but we know it’s still pretty chilly in a lot of states.)  Whatever the state of your forecast at home, it’s time to be thinking about taking care of your horses, barn, and pasture for the changing season.  Whether you’re tending to 1 horse or 10, take the right steps to ensure your barn, your horses, and your pastures are ready for spring.  Start with this spring checklist to get ready for the warmer weather.

Attending a Horse Show 101

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english rider competing in a horse showFor a majority of people in the United States, this month is famous for NCAA’s March Madness. But for a select group, March signifies the start of horse show season. There’s no greater pleasure than winning best in class at a horse show, but what if you aren’t partaking in the courses at all? Here are a few guidelines to follow so you and others around you have the best horse show experience possible.

Formal Feet: How to Wear Dress Cowboy Boots

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dressy men's cowboy bootsIn Texas, we happen to think that any occasion is appropriate for wearing cowboy boots.  Even so, there are certain rules when it comes to dressing up cowboy boots with formal wear.  Both ladies and fellas need to keep a few things in mind before heading out to a fancy dinner, dance, or day at the office.

Know Your Nosebands: How to Choose the Right Noseband for Your Horse

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leather noseband with rawhide lacingNosebands are part of every rider’s tack inventory. Also called a “cavesson,” a noseband is a piece of tack that helps the rider guide the horse by keeping his bit and bridle more comfortably in place, and by encouraging proper placement of the bit in the horse’s mouth. Here’s a guide to finding the right noseband for horse, so you can choose one that fits whether you’re buying nosebands for sale online or in a tack store.

How to Buy the Right Cowboy Boots for Kids

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kids cowboy bootsIf you have or know a youngin’ with a heritage of Western sensibilities, you’re probably itchin’ to get the lil’ tyke some boots that look like mom and dad’s.  But shopping for cowboy boots for kids can be a challenge if you don’t know how children’s boots are supposed to fit or what they should be made of.  Worry no more, boot-buyer!  South Texas Tack is here with handy tips for buying cowboy boots for kids.


Pre-Horse Show Checklist – Part 4: Rider Gear

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horse show gearDon’t worry, riders—we haven’t forgotten about y’all.  Today South Texas Tack brings you the final installment of pre-horse show checklists.  This one’s all about the riders and the gear you need to succeed at a horse show.

Even those of us with the best memory might forget a little thing like a phone charger or a big thing like a piece of tack, so use this list to account for everything for a stress-free trip to the show.  (It also can’t hurt to run down this list before you leave the show, too. You don’t want anything left behind!)